"I have a proven record of advocating for the best interests of the people of Goldsboro, and I want to continue to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our infrastructure, and make public safety a top priority. With two terms of council experience, I know what it takes to find real solutions, navigate complicated community issues, and get things done."



As your Councilman, I have worked diligently to lead this city in the direction that best serves you. I have emphasized fiscal responsibility through strategic planning and tactical implementation of a more robust budgeting process. I have worked to be responsive and supportive in resolving constituent concerns. I have maintained an open, transparent and honest approach during my time as your Councilman. During my next term, you can expect a professional, transparent, ethical and dedicated public servant leading this Council on behalf of District 2.


My goal is to make our streets, homes, and businesses safe with a fully staffed police force, equipped with the best technology available. The crime rate in Goldsboro has continued to decrease, and I intend to keep fighting for even lower rates. 


Seymour Johnson Air Force Base greatly affects our local economy and continually increases employment for Goldsboro and Wayne County. I recognize the importance of this relationship and will strive to protect, defend and enhance it. We must implement economic development plans for important areas outside of Downtown, including Little Washington and the North End. We must also complete the rehabilitation and repair of storm-damaged properties, returning them to positive assets for the City of Goldsboro.


Just in the last year, the City of Goldsboro has repaved dozens of miles of road and reconstructed the dozens of miles of aging sewer line directly beneath them. During my two terms, the City has undertaken many cost-saving projects designed to make your city more efficient, more resilient to storms, and better able to serve you. You have seen this in everything from new highly-efficient LED streetlights that cost the City virtually nothing to operate, to the innovative water metering system. These projects, and those already planned to follow, are the direct result of years of planning by the City Council.


During my next term, we must address the housing issues within our city. We must plan, locate and construct safe, affordable housing options throughout Goldsboro and protect our citizens from substandard conditions. As your Councilman, I will also continue to improve the quality of life throughout the city with enhanced recreational facilities, safe greenways, and innovative activities for all citizens.

Vote Nov. 5th!

Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Bill Broadaway.